Welcome To My Backyard!

The backyard is the side of the house guests rarely see.  It’s the part that we try to keep up, but is a lower priority because we expect people to come through the front door.  I’ve now had two people stop by this blog, so I figured it was time to get out the pruning shears, mow the lawn, and make it look more presentable.

Camp, Skits, And Other Things was created a few years ago as a tutorial on skits.  I designed it for Girl Scout troops in my local area who wanted to participate in the Saturday Evening Program of a local event called Kaleidoscope.  It’s a huge Girl Scout event that happens every 2 years.  We skipped 2012 because it was the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts.  The event has almost 2,000 participants, and includes challenges such as lashing, knot tying, first aid, orienteering, back packing, and fire building, as well as crafts, cooking workshops and more.   So, there should be some new posts coming since the event is coming up in Spring 2013.

Here’s the video introducing this year’s theme.

Thanks for stopping by!

And, by the way, here’s a link to my front yard: Good Wholesome Fun.

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